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V-Day Vent

February 11, 2019

I have noticed that most people I’ve spoken to recently about Valentine’s Day are not that fussed on it. “It’s just another day!” “I hate the crowds!” “Why would you go out on Valentines Day?!” I get it. To be honest, I don’t remember ever really enjoying a Valentine’s Day. Maybe that’s because in the past my thoughtfulness has been ill-received. So every year I wonder if it’s better to not do anything different and just treat it like another day. But if I’m honest - I don’t really understand why I’ve been conditioned to think that. What is so awful about spending a moment in a day to appreciate your loved ones? Is it really that cringe?

For as long as I can remember, I’ve watched my dad bring home flowers on Valentine’s Day for my mum every year. It’s a small exchange. A kiss and cuddle, dad’s contagious smile and mum’s look of adoration and appreciation as she says “thank you, dear.” Just one tiny moment in the day.

If that makes you want to throw up your lunch then fair enough! Not every marriage looks like that, I’m well aware. Not every day was like that, either. Have we all become so bitter that on the one day a year someone tells us to appreciate the meaning of love, we can’t find any to give?

Love can be sickly, love can be miserable and love can be complicated. However, whether you are in a relationship or not - it can also be quite simple, too. If you let it.

What happened to a little bit of romance? I’m not just talking about couples. I challenge you to find one small moment to go back to basics and tell someone you care about them in whatever way makes you happy. Whether it’s a friend, your mum or even your cat! It doesn’t have to be because they expect it - forget about that (I can’t speak for the cat). Do it because it makes for a healthy heart. We all need to love and be loved from time to time, whether we admit that or not.

Find your moment and spread a little love! Or a lot!! 


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