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Dancers who hate the Gym

September 11, 2018


Even though we all know we should go to the gym - let’s admit it, a lot of us don’t. 
I, for one, never liked going to the gym. I hated running, picking up weights, doing burpees or anything that said “I’m going to work out now”. Luckily, my jobs kept me active and I maintained my fitness and dance technique without really thinking I was ever “working out” (yay!). HOWEVER, after I turned 25, I started to ponder the idea that perhaps the gym wasn’t so bad. (Stupid metabolism.) 

Who was I kidding? I didn’t want to have to go to a smelly gym filled with sweaty guys hogging the equipment I had no idea how to use. I needed to go somewhere pleasant to do exercise classes with like-minded people. So I tried Pilates, Yoga and most recently, Barre classes. What a relief - classes such as these really compliment a dancer’s capabilities. Combining any of these with regular dance classes makes you a stronger dancer 100%. Plus, it keeps you looking bangin!

In particular, Barre classes are probably the best fit for dancers, as it combines Pilates with some good ol’ ballet technique at the barre and some elements of yoga here and there. Ding ding ding! (Save your money and just head straight to Barre class - that’s what I’m doing!)

I mean, it’s hard - not going to lie. Just when you feel like your butt might self-combust into flames because of the intense burning sensation, the lovely instructor makes you go lower and then challenges you with a harder option like taking your hands off the barre, pushing up on relevé or something so ridiculous you think they’re joking. They’re not. It’s awful. But before you know it, you are straight on to the next position and so on. Then wa-lah, class is over and you come out feeling like you have never worked so hard in your life. This is why it works! In 55 minutes you come out feeling stronger and leaner - no bulking, just toning. It really is the perfect class for dancers (even though it’s kind of embarrassing when the muggles* around you are smashing it and you’re wondering why no one else is crying).

So if you hate going to the gym like me, want to stay fit and toned and you need someone else to push you to your limits - go and try a Barre class!

*muggles: non-dancer folk   


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