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The Freelancer Life

July 12, 2018


I’m currently sitting on the tube, central line, heading home after signing with my first agent. You need about 45 agents in London FYI. In Sydney, you only need one and they do everything for you. Your one agent gets you musical theatre auditions, dance, TVC, film, modelling, promo, extras, everything. Here, you need at least one agent for each category. On top of that, I’ve discovered there are agencies for freelance jobs I didn’t even know existed. For example, the agent I just signed with today does fit modelling (not fitness, fit as in fitting). Don’t worry - I’d never heard of it either. The job is to turn up to castings for different clothing brands and get measured. If they like you, they keep using you (almost like a live mannequin) to fit their clothing to. That’s basically it. Yeah I’ll do that to help pay my rent thank you! (The money ain’t bad.) Now let’s just hope I’m able to sign with the other 44 agents left on my list. 


Alright, so 45 might have been a bit of an exaggeration but truth be told, I’ve probably sent over 30 emails in the last two weeks leading up to my arrival in London. This morning I sent another 10 and I’ll keep going until I’ve got what I want (there is also wayyyyy too many agents and production companies in London). I have managed to arrange some interviews/auditions with those who responded. The ones I haven’t heard from I’ve re-emailed and am now constantly stalking on social media to check if any auditions are coming up. This is the process - and it’s the hardest part of moving to a new country/city as a freelancer. The worst case scenario is having to work in a standard job for a less than average wage until things improve on the agent front. I’m hoping to avoid that outcome!   

It’s only day 3 in London and I’m loving this city so much already. Getting around on public transport is so fast and easy here. The weather at the moment is unbelievably sunny with blue skies, which helps. Alright, I’m aware that this weather isn’t standard but I’ll enjoy it while it lasts! (See above photo for actual representation of typical London.)

I’ve also been fortunate enough to land a flat through a recommendation from a friend (a Brit I met when I was on contract in Macau). She introduced me to my new housemate Jodie, who is the same age, a dancer, teacher and an all round lovely girl. We have so much in common and the flat is a dream. How did I get so lucky?

It’s day 3 and everything about London so far couldn’t be better. My excitement is overpowering my anxiety. Don’t get me wrong, I’m human and of course I still have thoughts of failure. I’m just choosing to wake up, think positive and trust that I won’t let myself down.

Stay tuned.


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