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I never can say goodbye

July 4, 2018


So the end is nearing. Again. This is hands down the hardest part of my job. For dancers, the fact is nothing lasts forever, which is why we tend to be pretty good at making the most of what we have. It’s a blessing and a curse. You’ve just said goodbye to your last cast, tears were shed, hugs and presents exchanged, you know some of them will be life long friends and others you will lose contact with. Then it’s straight onto a plane with bittersweet emotions and the excitement of a new beginning. You have no expectations, anything is possible. Where to next? 

For me, the girls I’ve lived with and shared the stage with every day for the last 3 months have become my family. We look out for each other. If one of us puts our headpiece on backwards and walks towards the stage wings - we tell them, eventually. After laughing so hard you’re convinced you should have a six pack. You know you’ve got a special cast when the backstage banter could be an actual sitcom. God I’ll miss these girls.


The many friends I’ve made along the way are irreplaceable. From leaving Brisbane in 2011 to where I am now. Yes, the hardest part is saying goodbye but without endings there are no more beginnings.

Next stop, London.  

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