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Do dancers drink too much?

July 4, 2018


We do.
Drinking when on a contract is pretty standard if you want a social life - especially if you are working with Aussies. It doesn’t help that on most contracts alcohol is either very cheap or even free for the cast. It’s pretty safe to say that Alcohol is cheaper basically everywhere that isn’t Australia or New Zealand. That’s incentive enough for most Aussies. Cheers! Before you know it you’ve been drinking 4 nights in a row and you have no idea how you are going to do a show that evening. Someone send help. I need an orange juice and a cheeseburger stat.

So the real question is: is this behaviour acceptable?

Well... the usual turn of phrase is “but I only drink this much when I’m on a contract.” Yeah, that kind of doesn’t apply if you keep doing back to back contracts. I’ve also seen dancers order vodka waters to cut back on calories - I’m not about that. My opinion is quite a simple one. It’s something we all think to ourselves before ordering that crispy, refreshing Aperol Spritz or that first ice cold, thirst quenching beer after a hard night’s work. You know what I mean. Say it with me. All together now.
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