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I'm an infinitely curious dancer from Brisbane, Australia and I've been lucky enough to have travelled the globe with my dance career. I left Brisbane at 21 and 8 years later I'm now in London sharing my stories, life lessons and experiences with you.
Here's a little insight: It's NOT as glamorous a life as some may think. This is an honest, true account of what it means to be a professional, flawed and determined dancer.

July 4, 2018

We do.
Drinking when on a contract is pretty standard if you want a social life - especially if you are working with Aussies. It doesn’t help that on most contracts alcohol is either very cheap or even free for the cast. It’s pretty safe to say that Alcohol is che...

July 4, 2018

So the end is nearing. Again. This is hands down the hardest part of my job. For dancers, the fact is nothing lasts forever, which is why we tend to be pretty good at making the most of what we have. It’s a blessing and a curse. You’ve just said goodbye to your last ca...

July 4, 2018

More often than not, I get looks of confusion when I say that I’m a dancer. I’ve come to realise there is no word to describe my career that will ever get me a look of understanding. Performer, showgirl, artist, ummmmm yeah I’m a dancer. No, not the exotic kind (intern...

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